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The JoeJoe Magic Show

As Seen On TV:

A delusional magician that believes he is a legendary TV star takes the stage to show the world that people can do great things - even things they believe are impossible.

The "As Seen on TV" show was designed to pass the 1950's television censors and still hold it's own in today's world of sex, drugs, and violence that are plaguing our television sets.

The entire family will be on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen next as JoeJoe performs all of his classic routines that have taken him from coast to coast inspiring millions of people.

Today, our televisions have been overrun with reality shows like South Park and Jersey Shore; nothing against them shows now ... but JoeJoe will prove that we can all have a great time, nobody has to do anything stupid, we don't need to use any bad words, nobody has to get hurt, and you won't have to explain anything to your kids on the way home.

And in the end ... everyone will agree, this is the kind of show that should be on TV!!!

Picture of the television JoeJoe was seen on. : )

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