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KRISTINA: "When I was walking nearby I was always smiling, just because I saw you and my mood became better as you remind me of a great wizard, who can fulfill all of my wishes" --Soviet Exchange Student

WEEKLY SURGE: "We suggested that this parlor was like the famed Hollywood Magic Castle close-up room meets Dirty Myrtle" --Roger Yale, reporter

JAMAICA JOE'S: "His sleight-of-hand is some of the best we have seen, and his illusions are nothing less than incredible ... his personality is very entertaining, and our customers always speak highly of him and his magic" --Dave Spangler, General Manager/Owner

COCONUTS COMEDY CLUB: "JoeJoe always delivered a good professional show, and was courteous to our staff, audience, other performers. JoeJoe will always be welcomed on our stage" --Jackson Brown, Stage Manager

GRAND STRAND MAGAZINE: "He may have David Copperfield topped ... you have to see it to believe it" --David W. Powers, reporter

JEFF McBRIDE: "That was awesome" --World Renowned Magician

KOZAK: "This is Powerful stuff! The Spinner and Video are way underpriced. Time tested, under fire, in the field knowledge shared for a pittance of what it's worth" --Three Time Merlin Award Winner

JIMMY TALKS-A-LOT: "JoeJoe is legendary ... have admired his work and reputation for many years" --fellow performer

BOB CASSIDY: "your thread work is sensational" --Master Mind Reader

GRAND STRAND MAGICIANS SOCIETY: "JoeJoe really loves magic, not for the money he makes, but mostly to see smiles on everyone's faces. Thanks, Joe, for sharing with us your talent and what you really enjoy doing the most" --IBM Ring #334

HUMANE SOCIETY: "I would like to personally thank you ... this event could not have been the success it was without your help" --Vicki Blair, President

MYRTLE BEACH FLEA MARKET: "Thank you for performing ... you did an excellent job and our customers were pleased with your performances" --Teresa C. Bellamy, General Manager