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Super Spinner with Penny Reel Technology!


Amazing JoeJoe's Super Spinner with Penny Reel Technology:

The Amazing JoeJoe re-invented thread work with the release of his original Web Spinner, and he is about to do so again with his new "Penny Reel and Super Spinner" combination!

JoeJoe teaches you how to build a six million dollar machine for two pennies with just a couple of magic markers - a magic machine that can float, levitate, and animate objects in seemingly impossible ways! Radical new thoughts and insights into invisible thread making levitations easier than ever, including a three inch "tension rod" that absorbs excess tension to keep the thread from breaking earning it the title "least likely to break hookup ever".

New animation sequences that work sitting or standing with no special lighting or clothing required, not even a shirt pocket! Special focus on three dimensional origami art to create multiple methods for folding dollar bills into objects you can levitate that are the perfect size, shape, and weight for invisible thread work that are easy to hand out for examination. New methods of handling that eliminate the need for messy wax and body loads! Instead, JoeJoe provides a special crystal clear invisible silicone based putty that leaves no wax residue to clean up! Plus methods on how to ditch the wax/putty right in front of people, or use a waxless rig that doesn't use any wax or putty at all!

The DVD covers a vast range of topics including for the first time ever JoeJoe's exposure of his alternative "Fearson Hookup" - a 3d levitation hookup you can get in and out of from a standard Fearson hookup that allows you to control levitating objects horizontally and vertically without the use of your hands. He revisits his critically acclaimed "Michelangelo Bill" with new adaptions for the new Super Spinner. And there is his close-up version of the "Congreve Cube" and his "Origami Frog" routines.

Did I mention the live footage? Watch JoeJoe live on the boardwalk getting paid by real audiences! Watch him set-up his levitation device directly in front of people, hear the audience gasp as the bill floats off the table drawing a crowd in seven seconds flat, and even watch a little girl call JoeJoe out so you can see exactly how to respond to the "string" or "magnet" remarks!

And then there is the Super Spinner itself - the ultimate invisible thread tool - a twenty foot long single strand of invisible thread hidden inside a Sharpie magic marker. Pull out as much as you need, put the cap on to lock it, and you are ready to levitate - you don't even need a shirt pocket, just clip to your collar!

The optional accessory kit includes two Super Spinners: one preset with a twenty foot long single strand you can start levitating right out of the box, and the other set with a 20 foot long strand of unstripped thread to reset the first one. DVD instructions teach how to set both Spinners up so you can carry 40 feet of invisible thread (two twenty foot single strands). Buy more Sharpies at Wal-mart, make more - no expensive devices to buy ever again!

If you are on a budget, you can purchase just the DVD and supply your own materials - at least two Sharpie magic markers, magicians wax, tape, and invisible thread. Like the original Web Spinner you can use any brand, color, or length of thread you like! There are no modifications to the magic markers, they are prepared straight off the store shelf, and yes they can be longer than twenty feet!

Still not convinced? Okay - how about I present this to you the same way I present my magic to the public - I put out my hat and let you watch the video and then decide how much it is worth? If you use it and want to pay me for it then you decide how much you can afford to pay through PayPal and I'm good with that.

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