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Performance Resume

Performance Resume:

Barefoot Landing Street Magic ten summer seasons!

Coconuts Comedy Club featured act/emcee four years!

Resident Magician at Jamaica Joe's for two years!

JoeJoe has performed at the Radison,
the Hilton, Comedy Cabanna, Comedy House
Theater, Just For Laughs, Annapolis Comedy
Club, the legendary Hammerjacks, Club Kryptonite,
the Afterdeck, and many many many more!

He has traveled over 20,000 miles performing in
hundreds of cities including 100+ Grateful Dead Shows!

He has worked at Magic & Mischief,
Conley's House Of Magic, and Party N' Costume.

He is one of the world's foremost authorities
on levitations and his work in this field has been
admired by major magicians such as Gregory
Wilson, Dirk Losander, and Asi Wind.

His "Web Spinner" is the most powerful levitation
system ever innovated, and was recently highly
recommended by Jeff McBride as being "awesome".

It is estimated that JoeJoe has performed for over
one million people and done so without the use of television!