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Boardwalk Magic

Boardwalk Magic: This season, Heather will be filming my boardwalk shows at Barefoot Landing for publication on YouTube ... this way, people that come and see my shows can share the experience with their friends and family via the internet.

Our goal is to post as many shows as possible, the good the bad and the ugly. Not all shows can be published - the camera angle doesn't capture something, the audio isn't legible, there is copyright music in the background, or corporate signage we aren't allowed to film ... but we do hope to be able to post the vast majority of shows we film.

We choose titles by taking a line or phrase from that particular show itself - there is no method to the madness, we don't date them or number them. As summer goes on, we will post more and more links on this page ... we hope to include thumbnails and better organization when there is more time to update the software.

Thanks for watching the magic, we hope you enjoyed it ... see you on the boardwalk!

-JoeJoe and Heather

freestyle cups for fellow magician
miss smarty pants with belly trick
jack shows me a trick while kid searches for pokemon
she came all the way from america to see this trick
relax man, you are on vacation
it was much better the first three times
eat your ice cream before it gets cold
determined to catch me
street magician entertains future leader of mankind
alright look sarah
some chick from a hot rod magazine
he thinks its just science huh
the show is on top the table kid
she could do it in those shoes
purple show
street magician grosses out little girl
i am impressed
we got competition
much better than that last crowd
standing ovation - well sorta
now you show him a trick
look how tall that kid is